Are you ready…

  • To train for your first 5K?
  • Set a personal record in your favorite distance?
  • Or shed a few pounds?

Whatever your walking or running goals may be, you’ll find friends among the women of KC Express.  We host:

  • Free Saturday walking and running groups
  • Monthly meetings on topics relevant to women’s health and fitness
  • The popular Mother’s Day 5K

Join us – and stay healthy while having fun!



    • Let’s Shower a Special Mom with Birthday Cards! hb jpg

      Long-time KCE member Saskia Jacobse’s mom is turning 90 next week–which is pretty impressive in itself. But, she also has an amazing life story. Born in the Netherlands, she was active in the Nazi resistance, chose to be married on the 10th anniversary of the Nazi invasion of her country (to make something good of that date), and later immigrated to the United States. Oh, and she raised Saskia, which we can assume wasn’t the least of her challenges!

      KCE loves to honor moms, and Saskia’s mom seems especially deserving of a fabulous birthday celebration. Let’s shower her with cards to remind her just how special she is. Please send your card to Tine Jacobse (care of Saskia’s address on the club roster) by the end of November and include a brief note about how you know Saskia.

    • Phyllis Bahner Pacesetter Award PhyllisB

      Our individual talents and volunteer contributions are what make KCE great! That’s why we recognize one member with the Phyllis Bahner Pacesetter Award every year. Please take a minute to show your appreciation for a fellow member who has made a special contribution to our club this year, whether it was very visible or behind-the-scenes. You can send your nomination to last year’s winner, Ginger Snawerdt, who will present the award at the December meeting. Nominations are needed ASAP!

      ← Here’s a great old photo of Phyllis. She’s the one on the right, with the short shorts and tall socks, quite a stylish look (in the 80’s!)

    • Food Fight! Dueling for leftovers

      Dueling with cooking utensils, KCE Hospitality Chairs Christine D. and Cecelia P. fought for the leftovers after the delicious and nutritious dinner Chef Gary Hild prepared for us at the Nov 3 meeting. In case you missed it, here are the recipes: Butternut Squash Soup, Quinoa Pilaf, and Cranberry Nut Cornbread Stuffing.

    • 10 Tips for Your First 10K download

      KCE’s BRAG team has been training hard all summer, despite the crazy humidity. Now it’s time for their first goal race – the Plaza 10K.  To spur them on, the BRAG coaches offer these tips for a great race day: 1. Get lots of sleep two nights before the race in case you have pre-race jitters the night before…. read more »

    • Look Great with Less Stress what_to_wear

      Is your closet overflowing, but you don’t have anything to wear? If so, you’ll love the tips wardrobe consultant Stacie Mayo shared during KCE’s August meeting. Stacie believes style should be stress-free and reflect your personality, not just trends. So she recommends buying clothes you can wear for several years and then organizing your closet around… read more »

    • Runner Spotlight: Sarah Johnson and Sylvia Davison SarahSylviahug_cropped

      Lots of women think of their running friends as their sole sisters, but for running partners Sarah Johnson and Sylvia Davison, family really is the tie that binds. The mother-daughter duo has always been close, but in the last 18 months, running has opened up a whole new world of goals, accomplishments, and experiences for them. It all… read more »

    • What Makes Someone a Runner? tortoise

      I don’t know about you, but there are a fair amount of things that I thought about long before actually taking any action. Some were as “simple” as taking on a cleaning project at home, while others took the shape of a new endeavor like continuing education or a new job. Another thing on that list was… read more »

    • Learning to Accept Ourselves As Is images (4)

      At KCE’s July meeting, Erin Brown, a writer, speaker, and body-image activist from Lawrence, KS, shared her personal strategies for overcoming negative self-talk and learning to love oneself. Erin is a fun and inspiring speaker, and the smart ladies of KCE also chimed in with questions, insights, and reading suggestions. Here are the highlights. Erin’s Story… read more »

    • How I Made Peace with My Pace BeYourself_home

      A few years ago, I lined up at the start of the Rock the Parkway half marathon with my close friend and running partner, Barbara. I felt good. I’d recently run a PR, and I’d been training well that spring. I could feel another fast (for me) finish just a couple hours ahead. My plan… read more »