KC Express is a group for women who love to run or walk together. Since 1982, our non-profit club has been helping women find new friends, new races, better fitness, and active fun through running and walking. We host:

  • Saturday morning walking and running groups:  We meet every week, year round.  Bring your energy and a smile, and we’ll provide the structure to make your fitness goals stick: on-couse support, run/walk your own pace and distance, and make friends along the way.
  • “First Tuesdays”: Join us each month for a light dinner, social time, and guest speakers on topics relevant to women’s health and fitness.
  • The Mother’s Day 5K: Every spring we put on KC’s best race for women, reaching 3000 women and girls.

Whatever your running or walking goals may be, you’ll find friends among the women of KC Express.  JOIN TODAY!

    • Train Your Brain brain

      We all know we need to train ourselves physically for running and walking, but do we need to prepare ourselves mentally? Sport psychologists say “The top six inches of the body matter just as much the rest!”

      So we’ve invited local sport psychologist Dr. Andrew Jacobs to our Oct 4 “First Tuesday”, and asked him to talk about the mental factors that can help improve motivation, performance, and enjoyment of running and walking. Dr. Jacobs works with many athletes and teams, and also hosts the Sport Psychology Hour, a radio call-in show on Sportsradio 810 WHB. Learn more about Dr. Jacobs here.

    • Wine and Beer Tasting Party Wine-&-Beer-Tasting

      At our Sept 6 “First Tuesday”, Eddie Crane from Ollie’s Local will talk about different kinds of wine and beer, and then we’ll have samples to taste. (We will also have non-alcoholic beverages available.) This will be a nice change from all that Gatorade you’ve been drinking! To nosh while we sample the beverages, please bring an appetizer to share, serving 4-6 people.

    • The Inside Scoop ice cream scoops

      There’s no one magic formula for getting the benefits of exercise, there are many! At the Aug 2 “First Tuesday”, a panel of KCE runners and walkers will give you the inside scoop– the secrets that help them get the most from their miles. One of the great things about our club is how much we can learn from each other. Join us and get your questions answered or share your favorite tips.

    • Stretch it out stretching-cat

      Effective stretching techniques can keep you healthy and happy through the miles! At our July 5th “First Tuesday”, yoga instructor Cindy Newland will lead us through some stretches designed especially for runners and walkers, including techniques that may help with minor twinges and with more complicated issues, like Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Shin Splints, and more.

      Cindy is also an author and health coach with personal experience in weight management. For more info visit her website Intentionallyeat.